Fashion Photography Channel – Workshops Calendar for Summer-Autumn 2016

We just announce full lineup SCHEDULE of our upcoming Workshops/Events for Summer-Autumn 2016!
Check it out may be you’ll be interesting to participate at some ? :)))

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Our Short-Term Workshops ( from 1 day/3hrs -> 7 days ) are designed both for students beginning their education in Photography and for those interested in augmenting skills to advance their carriers.

Here is link to our CLOSED group at Meetup for PHOTOGRAPHERS and STYLISTS ONLY!
Please feel free to join to get all updated info, make you RSVP s/Reserve Spots with small deposits at our events and get free tutorials/ instructional videos:

We welcome any Photographers/Filmmakers who is willing to contribute to this Group success.

We always enjoy a mix of amateur and experienced shooters at all of our events which always provides for great discussions and learning opportunities for all.

Makeup artists/Hair Stylist/Wardrobe Designers/Stylists are also welcomed to join our group.

Your services are always needed and this group provides a tremendous networking opportunity.



MODELS very welcome to join our group at Facebook : (join for free)





As you can see at our Workshop/Clases chart from May- November we did 19(!) successful events with more than 100 students and will provide you more quality, knowledge and fun in December and New 2017 year!

Upcoming Dec 03rd  – our 3rd annual workshop: “Sexy Santa Helpers”
Sexy Santa's Helperss Workshop

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