Destination Backcountry Adventures – Minnewaska State Park

Bicycles, Yoga and Sportswear SHOOT EXPERIENCE At Minnewaska State Park, Upstate NY – 2016

We’re getting set for August 06, 2016 with a spectacular event lined up at one of the most exotic adventure nature shooting locations in New York State.

Stay tuned for more details. We planning to make this 1-Day very remote location shoots with young sporty models who can join us for Bicycle 20 miles mountain ride and not afraid of shooting at the very dangerous rocks!

Anton enjoying his “top of the world” position 🙂


Floating Fashion Dresses also possible to shoot at this location (we’ll need windy day for this kind of idea implementation)

( photo from our workshop inside the bridge, 2014)


To make our workshops MORE affordable and easy to join for new members!

This is Special, LOWERED price workshop  – $5 only because we consider it NOT for everybody –  it’s will be at remote location! (Participants need to be in a good shape to get there by bicycle (30-40 min) – because by feet it’s will takes about 2,5 hrs from parking lot and same time back…)

Plus you need to drive upstate NY about 110 miles….( transportation and meals NOT included in the price for workshop, but share rides can be provided, and local diners are great !)

This meetup fee was set to SYMBOLIC price – just $5 (!!!) and we did not set any limit for attendees ( bring friends)!

Want to meet new cool ppl and spend beautiful day at national park?

Join us! We’ll guide you through all logistic and can organize share car rides!



Special offer for ADVENTURE TRAVELERS!

We planning to stay over night/camp at Sam Pryor Shawangunk Gateway Campground !

Availability you can check here:

Lodging Type: Tent Site ( Maximum Guests: 4 in 2 tents)

Price per Tent site/ night $38 ($9.50pp/night)
Make your Reservations here:

Check short video about this Campground near the popular Shawangunk climbing area.

So NEXT day – Sunday Aug 07th (after spending night in CAMPING) we will continue Adventure by Shooting at Minnewaska State Park Waterfalls!


We are welcome all NEW people who willing to spend a ONE day of the days or FULL WEEKEND ( Aug 06-07th) with us and get involved to challenging group activities, bicycling, camping, photography practice and networking with new friends/fashion models!


Bicycles, Yoga and Sportswear  SHOOT EXPERIENCE AT MINNEWASKA STATE PARK  NY  1-day photography workshop teaches:

– Location logistic scouting/ lighting setups with speedlight flashes at hi speed sync, reflectors – exposure bracketing techniques, – Raw vs Jpeg (Adobe RGB or S-RGB color space settings)
– using ND & Polarizing filters with Slow shutter speed or Open  aperture setting to achieve special DOF effects,

– how to use HDR feature shoots two frames in a single shutter release: one brighter and one darker. The camera then automatically combines them to create an image covering a broader dynamic range while retaining full saturation and tonality – an effective option for landscape photographers. (Tripod & Camera with HDR feature required)

In camera HDR mode or using Photomatix Pro 4.2 software with RAW files or JPG bracketing +/- 1,5 stop exposure – 3 images….

Check this photo from past workshop:

– practical skills to communicate with models during shoot and posing advice for them

–  advice on navigating the photography business… and much more!

2stops hdr was set at Nikon D810 camera (36mpx) and images was combined INSIDE camera at HDR mode without ant 3rd party software or bracketing in camera and combining at Adobe Photoshop later! Not bad result ( using tripod and freeze model pose for 1/2 sec) as you can see by shadow on the rock it was “back-light” situation , but face and body part was in the shade DEVELOPED correctly. Clouds at the sky also not overexposed….

We have many models who actively doing workout, Yoga and ride Bicycles. So we’ll make perfect cast, Guarantee!

Join our Meetup group TODAY, become a part of our Fashion Photography Channel community and send us your suggestions, dream location shoot ideas or any questions!

We look forward to seeing all of you again at the many amazing events we have planned for the months ahead!!!

Tatiana Naumova – Group Organizer

Anton Oparin ( PH Instructor) & stuff @ team

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