“Sexy Santa’s Helpers 2017” – Photoshoot in Giant Decorated TV Studio


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    See Previous years photos/Ready cards here:


    Saturday – December 03rd, 2016 : 1pm – 7pm

    Note: You will get exact personal instructions about time to meet /transportation/pick-up options


    Giant Green Screen Studio

    205 D Chubb Ave, Suite 240 , Lyndhurst, NJ

    Studio located in New Jersey, but its just 16 min drive (9 miles) from Lincoln tunnel in Manhattan NY

    See map:

    We shot at this studio few times before. and it’s really HUGE – 8.000 sq feet with separate room for make-up, dressing and rest/eating area.

    It’s possible t set-up 2 separate shooting areas! You are welcome to bring your own studio lighting gear!

    Decoration concept: Artificial metallic X-Mass trees, snow, for and wind machines.
    "Sexy Santa's Helpers” - Photoshoot in Giant Decorated TV Studio










    Check Video (Part1) we’d shot at this studio back in 2013 and get over 613.000 views on our Fashion Photography Channel on YouTube:

    LIGHTING FASHION – Part1 : Studio Photography Workshop with Bowens, Impact, Fotodiox, Calumet brands

    Part 2  – with Bowens flash kits and swimsuit models:

    Part3 – How to shoot Actor Headshot & model Portraits :

    Skill Level(s): All

    Get $100 discount as EARLY registration from $349 full price!
    Special Price – $249

    To RSVP your spot – REGISTER  with $100 off discount/Make Payment at link below



    Check short video from 2014 “Sexy Santa Helpers” shoot here:


    Check also our Photoshop Tutorial video:
    Photoshop Tutorial How To Remove Change Add another Background with Quick mask hair tool:

    and we’ll teach you HOW TO CREATE your own Greeting cards like these!

    Invited/Confirmed models will be announced soon!

    RSVP in advance – Only 9 PH spots will be available and 6 model positions!
    See you there!

    P.S. Models Can RSVP at Facebook Group here:

    Free Model Portfolio Group on FB




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