Lights Down – Fabulous Studio Colored Lighting Photography Workshop

We cordially inviting you to this NEW in our program
“Fabulous Studio Colored Lighting Photography Workshop – A Sexy Underwear Shoot”

Let’s put “Lights Down” and add creativity and technical knowledge to step-by-step process of making Fashion Portraits (as well as sexy body shots) with using colored Lighting gels, LED lights, colored umbrellas, beauty dishes and Octaboxes with GRIDS as light modifiers in the studio.
You will be able to recreate your own style photographs!

As you’ll discover, it’s quite a complex lighting set up. We work mostly with shadows and color fills through the use of reflectors and colored gels.

The techniques taught in this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills to add a splash of Vibrancy to your images we all would stop and pause our busy lives to admire.



Saturday – January 08th, 2017 : 5pm – 9pm


Giant Green Screen Studio

205 D Chubb Ave, Suite 240 , Lyndhurst, NJ

Studio located in New Jersey, but its just 16 min drive (9 miles) from Lincoln tunnel in Manhattan NY- See map:

We shot at this studio few times before. and it’s really HUGE – 8.000 sq feet with separate room for make-up, dressing and rest/eating area. It’s possible t set-up 2 separate shooting areas! You are welcome to bring your own studio lighting gear!

Just as an example (what will be NEW this time): do you know what called “Butterfly Lighting” effect?”

Butterfly lighting, also known as Paramount lighting, became a staple pattern for the Hollywood photographers of the 1930s.   This lighting is characterized by the butterfly-shaped shadow that it casts below the nose.  The butterfly  pattern can be quite useful for a variety of faces, but is at its best on lean subjects with high and pronounced CHEEKBONES.  It is produced by placing the light source above the face (typically 25-70 degrees) and in line with the direction in which the face is pointing. “

We can show you HOW to achieve CINEMATIC LIGHTING effects and make your photos “stand out” from average studio shots.

B/W or Color?

YES. we’ll shoot COLOR this time! And even more. We’ll show you HOW to make colored SHADOWS with combination with BUTTERFLY Lighting from above model head on white background!

Perception of additive color mixtures – Demonstration


Because great images better than 1000 words – check our “Moodboard” below and send us your suggestions, ideas and concerns.

To make this shoot more PROVOCATIVE and SEDUCTIVE. we’ll invite 3-5 models who will be wiling to do Lingerie shots!

Will post CONFIRMED model compcards as usual close to the date of shoot.

RSVP NOW (before Dec 31st) to get your spot!
Contact Anton for availability and details:

RSVP at our Fashion Photography Channel on Facebook:


P.S. If you want to LEARN more about studio LIGHTING setups – watch our previous educational videos at

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Check Video (Part1) we’d shot at this studio back in 2013 and get over 613.000 views on our Fashion Photography Channel on YouTube:

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Looking FW to see you Dec 08th at the studio and see unique images you’ll create at this session!
Feel free to ask any questions or contact Anton on Facebook!

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