Additional info for Models & Photographers planning to attend cruise on SailWindjammer to St.Maarten – Antigua : April 15-21, 2018

Additional info for Models & Photographers
who get INTERESTING to participate at our UPCOMING Adventure Travel cruise on SailWindjammer to St.Maarten – Antigua : April 15-21st, 2018





If you are a model interested in being part of our events please send 5-10 images of yourself, a paragraph or two about yourself and modeling experience, links to any social media or portfolio websites and your measurements, ethnicity, styles and levels (Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Implied, Nude) to

For our typical event models need to be sponsored by an attending photographers or fashion brands, this sponsorship covers your airfare to
the location, lodging/boat cruise cost (shared cabin/rooms with other model), 3 time day meals/drinks and transportation to shoot locations. Sponsored models also shoot one hour per day with/for their sponsors. Models are also required to do 2-4 hours per day in event designated shoots (workshop or an assigned shoot with a photographers) all other times are free for the models to relax & enjoy your time at exotic locations.













Get connected. Get discovered. Get published.
Attend The Fashion Photography Channel Adventure Travel cruise April 15-21st, 2018 on SailWindjammer schooner and join our Professional team of models/Photographers/Video crew for the UNIQUE Career Launching and Networking Event in the Fashion industry!

For more information and package options/descriptions, please visit

St_Maarten 2018 Model Package

~ St. Maarteen -> Antigua ~
April 15-21, 2018




3 Month Payment Plans available by
e-mailing us to

*Cannot be combined with any other offer.
*Travel not included.
*Signed Model Release Required
*Restrictions may apply.


Ok let’s address “the elephant in the room”…
We know our trips are not cheap compared to some of the pricing of other events. Of course we do try and offer a variety of options to suit a range of budgets. But there is a very good reason that our trips cost a bit more, we are looking for something more than a chain hotel resorts mobbed by tourists and restrictions or some generic house or even a suburban back yard with a pool. We are known for creating UNIQUE concepts such as “living, eating, changing shooting locations daily by travel on the cruise boats” and many more exclusive, unconventional/exclusive concepts (for example: “Learn Runway/Backstage photography during NY-Milan-Paris fashion weeks”).
These are trips you will remember forever!

Then there are THE MODELS

Bahamas Dec 2016 Adventure travel Workshop












The models that attend are serious, professional models who come to shoot and produce great images with the photographers. You will have the opportunity to shoot all SPONSORED models that you want to shoot with. You do not have to buy model releases from models – we’ll provide you copies. They will not disappear to go party or show up (if at all) the next morning hungover.

On this trip @SailWindjammer we’ll have TWO groups of models:

1) Models who PAYS BY THEMSELVES for airfare and/or accommodations and basically consider the trip as a vacation time/ shooting opportunity with photographers THEY WANT to choose/participate. These models do not, and should not, feel obligated to shoot with ALL photographers and they also feel they should get to choose who they shoot with since they paid for the trip by themselves.

2) Models who get SPONSORED by participating photographers/fashion brands/ WON our online casting before the trip.
Sponsored models obligated to shoot minimum one hour per day with/for their sponsors. Models are also required to do 2-4 hours per day in event designated shoots (workshop or an assigned shoot with a photographers) all other times are free for the models to relax & enjoy your time at exotic locations.


We are looking to create a fun environment with the central focus being on shooting for every trip we plan. As far as the photographs you take there is no expectation or pressure that you will deliver images, if you have experienced this in the past you know what we mean. Of course the models are thrilled when you do provide them but unlike other events that require photographers to edit a certain amount of images by a certain time we do not. SailWindjammer crew also provide 5 time a day meals/drinks ( Bloody Mary in the morning, Rom Punch @ 5pm, glass of Vine for the dinner) and you’ll get chance to dining out locally or purchase additional drinks/cocktails from boat bar or local places.











The bottom line is that we bring together amazing models and great Photo/Video crew at amazing locations and do not cut corners, fall short on expectations or under-deliver and we price our events accordingly.

We want to create The ultimate ADVENTURE TRAVEL shoot/networking/get published experience for our group.

Our trips are designed with one simple concept “to offer photographers UNIQUE CONCEPT of Adventure Travel with amazing models at amazing locations”. These trips are all about the photography (and video), we do not have contests or challenges or large parties to distract from the main objective of getting terrific pictures. Of course we do have fun, wonderful meals, a few drinks together, and generally hang out when we are not shooting but the main objective is to take advantage of the opportunity to shoot at the locations and models we have. Just to be clear we think events that offer contests and challenges are great, they just are not what we do.













Our DAILY planned events are designed to maximize shoot time. The typical day of shooting starts 6:30 am with a OPEN group shoot at a top deck boat location either at the beach/island we are landing at or out on one of our Island excursions. These shoots comprise of quick 5-15 minute one-on-one shoots with the models, by the end of the trip you should have shot every model at least once during the GROUP/Workshop type shoots. These one-on-one shoots serve two objectives, the first is you get to shoot with every (sponsored) model and the second is that you get to see what kind of photographer/model chemistry you have.


Working with professional models and the “up & coming” is important for photographers for several reasons the first is the quality of your images, working with an experienced, beautiful model instantly will take your work up a level just by virtue of the number of usable images you will get verses using an inexperienced model. Another important reason is that you can leverage their social media networks. By including these models in your online social media the public and prospective models will see you that you work with models they recognize and associate you with them. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to develop business in your home area.

Your networking vacation getaway is waiting.

Reserve your spot today!


Dec 21st, 2017 UPDATE:

We developing interesting concept now – How to MAKE possible to bring best possible PROFESSIONAL /Agency represented models to exotic location shoots – it’s called “Crowd-Powered Funds Pool

In two words:
We’ll have Female companions / Semi Professional Models or Ex-Models/Friends at this trip who willing to PAY EXPENSES for this trip by Themselves and will be shoots with us BUT without any strict obligations or pressure (like WORKING models)

and We’ll BRING 2 models  (Emily Geary & Carrie BakerCONGRATULATIONS!!!)on SPONSORED basis using “Crowd- Powered Funds Pool” with online casting at the end of January to pick/approve the best possible Models/Expense combination!








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