Adventure Travel Cruise with Top Models to Grenada on 236-foot Schooner : November 12 – 18th, 2017

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Sunday, November 12, 2017 5:00 PM

The Itinerary
Fashion Photography Channel crew is going to the Adventure Travel Cruise with Top Swimsuit Models to Grenadines Islands on 236-foot Schooner because of the popularity of these cruises there and unique opportunity to find untouched “paradise” spots to shoot models at Exotic locations without any “location permits” or restrictions.  Also trip on boat make us savings from paying for hotel AND renting boat to find remote spots for our shoots. ALL INCLUDED HERE!


and possible some other stops along the way !

It’s one photo op after another for seven days and six nights.


Quick facts 

Grenada is an Eastern Caribbean island nation Our home port for the schooner, where you will begin your sailing adventure! Known as the “Island of Spice” because of the abundance of locally grown spices, Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters of nutmeg. With a population of approximately 110,000, Grenadians are quick to share their island with unmatched warmth. Explore the island to discover amazing waterfalls, exceptional views, gorgeous beaches and opportunities for water sports and diving. View some of the only underwater sculptures in the world, created by English sculptor Jason de Caires, on an easily accessible dive or glass bottom kayak.

The Vibe

It’s all family and friends on Mandalay. Help hoist the sails. Take a turn at the helm. There are only 25 cabins, so the word “crowd” is foreign. Yes, each cabin has a private bathroom and … air conditioning. Say ahh…

The Sounds
The only sounds at sea are the tune of “Amazing Grace” (every time the sails are raised) and the popping of the ship’s cannon (when another ship approaches within earshot).


Mandalay is a 236-foot schooner with a million nautical miles and a billion pages of history. She’s all wood, steel and cloth, and the perfect model for epic photography. The captain has two rules. One: Do not ask where we’re going. Two: Do not ask when we’ll get there. Where you wake up is anyone’s guess. But know this: It will be amazing.


Air Tickets:
Price can be various, depend of your location, But from New York ( JFK->GND) we found Direct flights/Round trip on JetBlue for $448 ONLY! ( 1st bag $25, 2nd bag $35 addl)

hot link to BOOK tickets:

JetBlue Flight JFK-GND - $448

Here’s what you’ll need to know when you join us on this Adventure Travel Cruise. If these questions don’t include one of yours, just email us at


Check 1:08min Video Promo for this trip:

About Organizer/Photography Instructor/Trip Producer:

Anton Oparin  currently working at Fashion industry in NY-Milan-Paris-Miami-LA for past 20+ years and his company FashionStock DIRECTLY connected with many fashion designers and event organizers doing house Photo/Video production for them.

Last 3 years we at Fashion Photography Channel group made 98 (!) successful workshops at various locations and studios, so we extremely experienced with logistic and travel arrangements for team members
(booking more than 20 trips a year with hotels, air, boats, transfers etc.)

This Adventure Travel Cruise on 236ft Schooner is really UNIQUE by concept of not just luxury tropical vacation trip, but logical combination with Top Swim/fitness Models Fashion Swimsuit Photo/Video production.  Elements of Action Underwater/Arial drone shoots and big sale boat as background already at our screenplay!

See sample of this kind of video  and Models vibe/ style of shoots will be similar to this:


-> We planning to involve many of our clients – designers swimsuit brands like Luli Fama, Aguaclara, Aguabendita, Maaji, Cia Maritima, Liliana Montoya and few more to this project, so models not wearing they own clothes…

-> We’ll bring extremely experienced Hair/Make-up artist on board with more than 10 years experience, and fast working ( can fix one model hair/Makeup in 40-45 min)

-> This trip financially NOT really expensive, if we compare with any similar shoot when photographers and models based at hotel/villa and need to rent a car and/or boat to get on shoot locations and dine out every day.

-> Here at our big schooner ALL included – accommodation/food/drinks/local transportation-airport transfers.

-> We offering daily photography instructions and hands on new Nikon/Profoto/Bowens/GoPro/ gear trials for team members.

-> The boat will move to new islands/locations Everyday and we’ll have direct access to sandy beaches to shoot models. Shoots on boat deck also will be permitted by our schedule.

-> We already have 4 magazines (and would like to involve more!), who ready to publish EDITORIAL coverage of this cruise, but more important for us is to create short promo video, using action and professional video cameras, drone, multiple GoPro’s attached at high points of the boat and underwater scenery as well.

-> ***Models*** who will book this trip for $1,749* USD will receive special 5 DAY MODEL PHOTO/video PACKAGE DEAL (Priceless!)

-> ***Photographers*** who will book this trip for $2,349* USD will SUPPORT this project and become part our our crew. Unique shooting/post production experience & publicity Guaranteed!



















Not ready to book now?

We can offer Payment Plans Starting just with $799!( subject of credit approval)
Have other concerns, questions or need addl info? Please do not hesitate to ask

Anton Oparin / Producer

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I’m from Russia (or other country). Do I need a passport? Visa?
Answer: YES!  A passport valid for six months from date of departure is required by all US, Canadian, Australian, UE citizens wishing to visit St Lucia/Antugua.  Visas required ONLY for nationals of Croatia (Visa NOT required for Russian , Ukrainian, Kazakhstan  passport holders)

DO NOT pack your passport or contract of passage in your checked luggage!

Question: What does it cost?
Answer: The first person in the cabin will pay  $2,349.00 (standard single cabin), $2,649 (standard double cabin),

$2,749 (commodore cabin), $2,849 (main-deck cabin),

or $3,349 (king cabin). Each cabin can accommodate two people, so the second guest in a cabin would pay a flat rate of $1,749 – 2049 depend of cabin type ( see chart above)

Question: So for two people in a cabin it would be a total of $4,098 up to $5,398?
Answer: Correct.

Question: When is payment due?
Answer: A minimum of 50 percent is due at the time you register online. (minimum $1,175.00 /per person) Than on January 15, 2017, the PayPal online payment invoice will be send to your e-mail, and remaining balance will need to be paid in 2 days. If payment isn’t made in full at that time we reserve the right to open your spot to people on our waiting list. (see below Cancellation policy explanation with $200 administrative non-refundable fees )

Question: How many passengers will there be?
Answer: A maximum of 36, not including Fashion Photographers Channel / FashionStock staff and Boat crew.

Question: Do the cabins have air conditioning?
Answer: Yes. They all have private bathrooms and showers too. There are no hairdryers on the ship.

Question: Explain the cabins.
Answer: All cabins sleep two people.
• The standard single cabin is a single bed bunked under another single bed ($2,349).
• The standard double cabin is a double bed under a single bed ($2,649).
• The commodore cabin is also a double bed under a single bed, but the cabin is a little bigger ($2,749).
• The main-deck cabin is also a double bed under a single bed, but the cabin is up on the main deck ($2,849).
• There is one king cabin, with a king bed and the most overall space ($3,349).

Question: What’s included in the cost?

Answer: Seven days and six nights at sea. Four excursions. Snorkel gear. Airport transfers and transportation to and from the ship from host hotels. All meals and non-alcoholic beverages (excluding blender drinks, smoothies, and bottled water). Daily complimentary Bloody Mary’s in the morning (1 per person), daily complimentary Rum Swizzles at Happy Hour (1 per person), daily complimentary glass of wine with dinner (1 per person). Additional drinks are available for purchase. Also included in the photographer’s rate are daily photo lessons from our staff photographers and hands-on shooting around the islands to replicate a Fashion Photographers Channel feature story.

If you planning to shoot NOT only nature/landscapes/underwater around the islands and on the boat, but participate at our MODEL/Swimsuit/Catalog/Calendar/Products shoots with 3 Top Swimsuit Models you will have to pay additional MODEL/Hair Make-up flat fee of $250 which will goes to compensate expenses for bringing 3 Professional Models and Hair/Make-up Stylist to this trip.

Note: Copies of Full Model Releases will be available for participating Photographers after completion of this trip.

Question: What’s included for my guest?
Answer: Everything above except the photo lessons.

Question: What isn’t included?
Answer: Airfare to Grenada and from Grenada , alcoholic drinks beyond what’s specified above, gratuities, optional meals ashore, souvenirs, personal expenses, optional beach chair rentals on some islands, and any necessary lodging on Grenada.

Question: Are Tips included?
Answer:  Tips are optional but are always appreciated.  Tipping is done at the end of the cruise and will be explained during story time or captain’s dinner.  Tips are shared by the entire crew.  If you feel the crew has made you forget reality, relaxed, and done an outstanding job, a tip of approximately $125 per person per week is suggested. More is always appreciated.  Cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards are accepted.

Question: Will I need a room in Grenada?
Answer: The ship begins boarding around 5 p.m. November 12 at Grenada harbor and departs back to the port in Grenada at 10 p.m. on Saturday, November 18th, 2017. We encourage guests to arrive on Grenada at least one day early (Saturday, November 11) to avoid any issues caused by a delayed flight. ( see Air prices ( $463) with JetBlue arriving Saturday Nov 12th)

Grenada is well worth at least one day of exploring

Question: Does the ship arrive back in Grenada?
Answer: The ship is scheduled to disembark to Grenada late Friday evening (May 05, 2016) and anchor in port on Saturday, May 06, at about 10 a.m.

Again, we encourage guests to schedule at least one night hotel in Grenada upon return so you aren’t rushed.



Shoot with Top Swimsuit Models!


Question: What hotel on Grenada do you recommend?
Answer: T You can book rooms through

Question: How much one-on-one time can I expect with a Fashion Photography Channel photographer and his crew?
Answer: Plenty. On the ship Anton and his crew will offer daily lessons about shooting and editing (in an open-air environment, weather permitting). They’ll also join you while you shoot on the islands. They’re traveling with you and will be available for questions and tips.

Question: What if I don’t have an expensive camera?
Answer: It doesn’t matter. We’ve hosted photographers for our workshops who have pulled out point-and-shoot cameras. They’ve captured amazing photos!

Question: What if I do have expensive camera gear?
Answer: We’d suggest a camera body, lenses (wide, telephoto, and macro), batteries and charger, memory cards, tripod, and laptop. A laptop, card reader and your favorite editing software will also help during the post-shoot chat over drinks. Past guests have also enjoyed bringing their GoPro’s! Please note, if you forget something there are no camera stores that are open in Grenada on Sunday, so you will not be able to replace any camera gear that you may have forgotten. Cabin doors have locks, however, there are no in room safes for your valuables.

Question: What else should I bring?
Answer: Shorts. Flip flops (hiking shoes or athletic shoes if you plan to explore). Two bathing suits. Sunglasses. Sun hat and sun-protective shirt. A beach towel. Travel-sized toiletries (none are provided on the ship). The smallest luggage possible to maximize your cabin space. Seasickness remedies, if you’re prone. A costume for masquerade night. Oh, and a passport. Upon boarding the ship, the purser will collect everyone’s passport so that the captain can clear the ship through customs as we arrive and depart from different islands.

Question: Will I need cash for anything?
Answer: You might want cash to purchase souvenirs or optional meals ashore. Shipboard purchases (including drinks and tips) can be made with cash (US dollars) or charged to your credit card.

Question: What is the currency in the Grenadines / Grenada?
Answer: The East Caribbean Dollar. U.S. currency is honored on the ship and most locations, however bills that have folds or tears won’t be accepted by most establishments and change will be provided in local currency.

Question: Will I get seasick?
Answer: Everyone reacts to the water differently. The ship itself is 236 feet of steel and wood, so it isn’t prone to bucking or swaying. The crew rarely sees people get seasick on Mandalay, but if you’re concerned then we recommend taking Dramamine the night before the ship sets sail (to allow time to run through your system). You can also use eucalyptus oil or patches behind your ears.

Question: Will the cruise accommodate special dietary needs?
Answer: It will, provided we advise Sail Windjammer of any dietary requirements at least 60 days prior to sailing. You can make those needs known on the registration form or send us an email with the specifics of your needs.

Question: Will there be Wi-Fi so I can Instagram all my photos?
Answer: In certain spots, yes. But this is a part of the Caribbean that isn’t heavily traveled, so connectivity is spotty. There is no Wi-Fi on the ship.

Question:Is there diving or snorkeling?
Answer: Snorkel gear will be available to rent for the week.  There may be opportunities for diving.  Make sure to bring your dive certification card.  You may bring your gear, but be advised there is very limited storage space in your cabin.

Question: What if I have to cancel? What’s the refund policy?
Answer: If we receive notification of cancellation 90 days or more prior to the sail date,the entire deposit will be refunded with the exception of a $200 administration fee. Cancellation 89 days to 44 days out, 50 percent of the deposit will be refunded minus a $200 administration fee. Cancellation 45 days or sooner from the sail date, fares are non-refundable.

We ALWAYS recommend that passengers buy trip insurance. We don’t have a preference or recommendation, but Windjammer refers passengers to Every trip, unfortunately, it seems someone has to cancel for a family emergency or other circumstances. We hope this trip is the exception and everyone is able to join us, but life has a way of happening and may not recognize the date of the cruise on your schedule.

Question: What if there’s a tropical storm?
Answer: Hurricane season begins June 1 – September, so the dates of this cruise do not fall within the traditional storm season.

Question: What if I have other questions?
Answer: Send any questions to


P.S. Attention Models!
Want to GET PUBLISHED, gain exposure & experience and Network with RIGHT people?
We’d create special 5 days package Photo/BTS Video/PR Magazines Submit deal.
Please check Flyer below for detailed description and send your Photos, details to:  or for consideration.




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