Projection Photography – Light patterns projected to nude women body


In an expression of curves and lines, with nude women as the subject for this art project, patterns will adorn their bodies and faces,
creating another dimension through the use of shadows and shapes.

With a contemporary twist, we’ll make our shoot similar to works from famous French artists such as Lucien Clergue and Dani Olivier,
who also played with light across the female form.

Technical part:

We’ll use TWO video projectors in TWO separate shooting areas and assorted digital background patterns (linear and photos from nature subjects – see photos below)

as main light on black background (with cutout black fabrics as “french flags” on a sides of model positioned to block/reduce reflection from the walls, create lighting “tunnel” and increase contrast).

Creative objective:

Each photographer will “play in rotation” with every model ( 2 models minimum) for about 15 min using our pick of backgrounds or can send us his own images for consideration in 1920×1080 size at 72dpi.
after shoot with one model at black horizontal “tunnel” he will be able to continue at another area setup where we’ll shoot vertical body shots and creative portraits with projections…

Total shooting time: 5 hrs

Because it’s CREATIVE NUDE shots and we’ll pick models who can pose nude in front of camera and have trim body and “curves”…
we would like to invite MODELS who already pose for ART projects nude and understand  – this is DIFFERENT than average fashion/commercial type of shoots.

Intersting to e part of this project?
Please Say “I’m going” or “Interested” at or facebook Fashion Photography Channel group event page:

AND send  FB message to Anton Oparin! Let’s chat / Confirm availability before shoot!

Looking FW to see you Dec 09th at the studio and see unique images you’ll create at this session!
Feel free to ask any questions or contact Anton on Facebook!


Saturday, January 14, 2017



Giant Green Screen Studio

205 D Chubb Ave, Suite 240 , Lyndhurst, NJ

Studio located in New Jersey, but its just 16 min drive (9 miles) from Lincoln tunnel in Manhattan NY- See map:

We shot at this studio few times before. and it’s really HUGE – 8.000 sq feet with separate room for make-up, dressing and rest/eating area. It’s possible t set-up 2 separate shooting areas! You are welcome to bring your own studio lighting gear!

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