Swimsuit Photography: Learning Full Production Circle on Exotic Locations of Key Largo, FL

Anton Oparin and FashionStock team right after Miami Swim Fashion Week Photo & DSLR Video Workshops (July 14-18th, 2016)

planning to drive south from Miami to produce an extensive two days Masterclass/Workshop on all things swimsuit photography on exotic Caribbean locations of Florida Keys.

•  Dates: July 19-20, 2016

Swimsuit Photography: Learning Full Production Circle on Exotic Locations of FL keys


To make our workshops MORE affordable and easy to pay we did SPECIAL”Early Bird” $50 Off offer and option to RESERVE YOUR SPOT with 33% down payment!

To submit your payment, please  CLICK HERE and select appropriate link below: $700 before July 01st, $750 after, or $250 to just reserve your Spot (Not Refundable)

1) Pre-Production: Designer’s Wardrobe/Location Scouting/Logistic/Model and Talent (hair and makeup) Casting/booking/ Paperwork/ Photographer’s Kit
2) Two days of Production: 3-4 different locations Photo/Video shoots / Model posing styling Guidance/Lighting Techniques (natural light, scrims, reflectors, and strobe lights) / Explaining Photographer’s Assistant job position/duties
3) Post-Production: Files Loading, Organizing, Cleaning “bad” files, Making Selections (rating) Retouching is an extensive educational course that walks you through every aspect of Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, and Photoshop will be done at hot temperature daytime between early morning and sunset shoots.

Below are several before and after color correction images captured last season at similar FL keys locations:

Who This Class Is For:
This class is geared toward photographers who simply want to produce better pictures on-location, whether working with experienced models or new faces. If you lack access to a studio or crave more than shooting indoors, it’s essential that you obtain the ability to shoot on location while taking significant control of a seemingly uncontrollable environment. Anton will provide you with the tools and methods necessary to tackle your own location shoots with confidence while relying on taste and problem-solving rather than camera settings and gear.

If you’re a novice, you’ll go home prepared to take your portfolio to the next level where you’ll stop reaching out to models because they’ll be reaching out to you. If you’re already at that level, you’ll leave much closer to turning your hobby into a career.

Still not you, or already in PROGRESSIVE career mode? Then let’s get you ready for the higher expectations that come with bigger clients and greater paychecks. In other words, this class is aimed toward ALL LEVELS of photographers looking to improve their outdoor game.

What will be covered in this Workshop (quick highlights):
Shooting with natural morning /evening light, Color temperature and other camera settings
• Using silver, soft-gold, zebra and white collapsible reflectors
• How to effectively use Westcott Jim Scrim and California Sunbounce reflectors
• Using Canon or Nikon hi-speed Sync original flashes as well as Studio strobes (Bowens with Travelpack battery) with assorted light modifiers (beauty dish, softbox, greeds)
• Tips how to choose “right” fashion model for best results and smooth workflow
• Control and tekup collaboration on working with hair and makeup artists on location
• Styling, accessories and swimwear/bikinis wardrobe considerations depend of model best features/body type
• Using telephoto lens compression and open aperture to your advantage
• Location scouting – using Google earth maps navigation / iPhone Snapshots photos

Tour inside of Anton’s complete photography gear kit and production tools
• Post-Production, including Jpeg/raw adjustments, skin retouching, and local adjustments (dodge and burn, wrap, masking/layering)
• Quick tutorial how to set up a streamlined client proofing albums / online galleries /retouched hi-rez files transfers (Dropbox/Wetransfer/FTP)
• Business advise about marketing and pricing your work. Get Published!

Detailed Description:

In this two-day interactive Masterclass/workshop, full-time Fashion photographer Anton Oparin will teach a highly specialized location class covering the full gamut between pre-production, shooting models on location and post-production.

Each photographer will get to work one-on-one with top swimsuit models (Current participants of Miami Swim Fashion Week Runway shows – confirmed models will be published close to dates of shoots) on the beautiful beaches of the Florida Keys… a recipe for the most fun you can have while learning!

Don’t miss out on this information-filled, action-packed workshop that won’t waste time going over the stuff you can already find in your camera manual.
For every photographer in the class, there will be one gorgeous model in order to give each shooter the opportunity to direct and shoot with an uninterrupted connection between the subject and lens…

This will not be a mass paparazzi-style shootout with 10 photographers bumping shoulders for half-decent snapshots of a model that isn’t sure which camera to look and who to listen. It’s a must that you’ll return home with an completely upgraded portfolio and images that deserve YOUR watermark alone!

Since swimsuits/bikinis don’t have to be shot exclusively on the beach, we also thought it would be nice to have a wide variety of shooting locations for each session. All in all, the Florida Keys (islands) offered a wide range of shooting locations, including multiple beaches, coastal rocks, boat marinas, and a vacation property of our resort with private beach, pier, kayaks, and palm trees at Sunset Side of Mexican Gulf.

Latest News ADDITION for this shoot:
We planning to involve Custom made DEVOLRO DIABLO Expedition cars to our shoots and make our pictures even more UNIQUE and Eye Catching:

Once you’ll learn all of Anton’s lighting and posing techniques, we’ll transition into the travel based “post-production studio”, where the images really come to life. These lessons make up the second half of the workshop and explore every part of Anton’s streamlined post-production workflow.

Here, you will learn how Anton makes Lightroom catalogs, culls through a full shooting session, processes his Jpeg or Raw files, preps each image for client proofing, and exports the final selects for polishing in Photoshop. Once in Photoshop, Anton will outlines his systematic process for retouching skin, fixing hair, using the Warp tool, enhancing skies and backgrounds, dodging and burning, final color and tone adjustments, and image sharpening.

Masterclass/Workshop Outline:


Day 1 – July 19th

Pre-Production | 9am – 11am
• Course Overview
• Shoot conceptualization
• Model selection/pickup in Miami
• Designers Swimsuits Wardrobe selection/packing
• Hair & makeup expectations /Moodboard
• Pre-game discussion with models
• Gear Overview (camera settings and light modifiers) car (s) loading

Driving to Keys Location from South Beach Miami, Lunch | 11:30pm – 2:30pm
• Hotel Check in
• Crew/Models/Photographers lunch at local diner

Model hair/Makeup | 2:30pm – 4:00pm
• At Hotel Room

• Sunset Shoot at resort pier/beach | 4pm – 8pm
Lighting setup & considerations
• Directing – pose and expression
• Dinner at local seafood restaurant – 5 min drive (8:30pm-9:30pm)

Day 2 – July 20

Sunrise Shoot | 6:30am – 10am
• Driving to pre-scouted boat marina/beach location (20 min)
• Lighting setup & considerations
• 2-3 mini location moves/lighting directions change

Post-Production at hotel | 1pm-5pm
• Image Importing
• Culling
• Color Processing
• Retouching
• Image exporting

Optional activities at the end of Day2:

• BBQ dinner at resort gazebo, Relax at Resort, swimming & Kayaking (with sunset addl. Nature shoot option) | 5pm – 9pm


and also…Few important words from organizer:
I hope I did not drive you “Bananas” with all these detailed information 🙂


Most important: This is VERY PRIVATE one-on-one MASTERCLASS/Workshop for 2-3 students and 2-3 models ONLY!
Please e-mail us at support@FashionStock.com or send Facebook message to Anton if you interesting to reserve your spot (we NOT offering this opportunity for everybody who willing to pay online!!!!).


Yes, It’s not CHEAP ( Approx. $750/pp for 2 days workshop if all 3 PH participating) and space is VERY limited (3 PH spots maximum), please inquire in advance!

Cost for this workshop CAN NOT be lower than announced above price, because we HAVE TO cover expenses for 2-3 Models (model/agency fees, accommodations, transportation, meals) + Hair/Make-up services.

Confirmed Model: Karolina W. (more will be updated soon)

Yuliya Sh.

(…But anyway it’s will be much more affordable WITH us, than if you’ll try to organize this trip,hire models, stylists and make everything by yourself, because we working at SHARE EXPENSES basis! )

Other costs?

Airfare to/from Miami is NOT included to this $750 price , but it’s not really expensive from most popular US destinations ( $99-350 round trip) and hotel price at FL keys resort of our choice ( hotel name will be announced only for participating PHs) is VERY affordable and will be from $88- 130/room/day (double occupancy – you can share room with other fella-photographer or our crew member).

Possibly we can share car ride with you or you can rent your own midsize car for 2 days at Miami airport (MIA) for $72 total (share with other photographer or free drive one of our models to socialize/better know each other before shoots)

Looking forward to hear from you and see you there!

Any suggestions/Questions counted and very welcome!

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