Hampton’s Photoshoot at the Sunset Beach with TOP Bikini models

Planning to make 1 day shoots with sexy models at beautiful beach locations at Hampton Bays, NY.

July 02nd – Shooting time from 2:30-8pm
Exact maps and directions to Hamptons workshop location and more details will be e-mailed to registered photographers ONLY
to avoid people who can come to the workshop location to just say “hi” 🙂
Just can say it’s 80 miles from NY to the East, at Hamptons, NY. Approx about 2 hrs drive.



Info/RSVP for Photographers ( ONLY 1 pH Spot left) here ( need to join our Close  Meetup group to see info & RSVP)

We know place and surroundings very well (been there many times).
Small restaurant and parking lot ($5 fee) at the waterfront can give you an option to have lunch/dinner there!

One of the most common questions that I’m asked is ‘how do I photograph models at sunsets?’

Sunsets at Oceanside locations as a wonderful and challenging subject matter to photographers.
Firstly they’re beautiful places, secondly they are often in tricky lighting situation. Shooting models at sunsets is even more exciting!

July 02nd photography workshop teaches location wireless speedlight flashes lighting setups,

offers advice on navigating the photography business,and gives photographers a chance to shadow Anton on a pro shoot at beach locations with sexy models.

Also you will be able to shoot models one-on-one for short period of time with photographers rotation like we did at our very successful bi-directional lighting workshop in the tunnel Aug 03rd, 2013!
Check photos here:

Video Teaser here:


Transportation to locations in Hamptons NOT included.

But you can share the ride with other photographer/model


See Confirmed  Models here ( need to join our Close  Meetup group to see info & RSVP)


After shoot (we’lll finish ~ at 9:30pm)  we can continue with After shoot PARTY at THE LEO nightclub at East Hampton:
44 Three Mile Harbor Road East Hampton, NY

(about 35 min drive – 19 miles from Place of our shoots! – see map below!)

Join our Meetup group TODAY, become a part of our Fashion Photography Channel community and send us your suggestions, dream location shoot ideas or any questions!

We look forward to seeing all of you again at the many amazing events we have planned for the months ahead!!!

Workshops Summer-AW 2016_one page -print


Tatiana Naumova – Group Organizer

Anton Oparin ( PH Instructor) & stuff @ FashionStock.com team

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