Effective Thunderstorm Fashion Lighting @ Coney Island Pier

May 14, 2015 – Coney Island, Brooklyn NY.

I believe we just did beautiful shoot with EFFECTIVE light (storm clouds at BG with beams of sunlight coming through) 3 models/6 photographers + fashion sets from fashion designer @Gigi.Carnett
While many other photographers get scared of Thunderstorm weather forecast and satay home,  we came to the Coney Island landmark location and wait for perfect lighting conditions!
“Show must go on!” … and we did capture UNIQUE lighting condition before 7PM (because Weather.com gave us 99% correct HOURLY forecast as usual!) …See results 🙂


Also check our schedule for upcoming Workshops next weekend May 21/22 – Street Style at Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo (with optional night shoots)

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